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Planning and Research


Two key activities that are funded from operating dollars are:

Groundwater (Aquifer) Monitoring

Groundwater Monitoring is funded by the voter-approved APA Fee which is an annual fee assessed to those who live over the designated Aquifer Protection Area. Objectives of the groundwater monitoring program include:

  • Establish the areal distribution of groundwater quality from a network of wells covering the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer recharge area;
  • Identify water quality impacts from activities on the land surface;
  • Collect long-term data from wells to establish water quality trends; and
  • Evaluate the potential water quality impacts of aquifer discharge on river quality.

Learn more at the link above and for water monitoring reports.

Spokane County Coordinated Water System Plan

The Coordinated Water System Plan is a planning responsibility of the County -- in collaboration with numerous stakeholders -- and is updated approximately every ten (10) years.  Visit this page to learn more about that planning process and view CWSP maps.


In addition to core department functions, Spokane County Water Resources consistently has one or more ongoing projects.  Project lengths and purposes vary widely with some projects ending temporarily only to be revisited and updated later, pending available funding. 

Ongoing Projects
Completed Projects

Link to a list of Ongoing or Completed projects above or link to the specific project you'd prefer in the grid below.  Depending on the project location on the grid, you can see whether the project has stronger water quality or water quantity impacts and whether it is more closely connected to surface water or groundwater.


Water Quality

Water Quantity