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Video Player Tips

Start / Stop / Fast Forward / Rewind

Your video should start automatically. It may take up to 10 seconds or longer for your video to start depending on your internet connection speed. Video player controls are located at the bottom of the video screen.

The pause button (double bar) will display when the video is playing or loading. The play button (triangle) will display when the video is paused. Use the progress bar to the right of the play button to move forward or backward through the video by clicking on the progress marker while the video is playing and dragging to the desired position.


The volume control is indicated by a speaker icon. Use the scroll bar to the right of the speaker to adjust the volume, shown as a percentage amount above the bar. Click the speaker icon to mute/unmute the sound. Not all videos include sound.

Screen Size

Click the expand icon at the far right of the control bar to toggle full screen mode.