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Meeting Agendas

The Criminal Justice Commission has asked those parties they are meeting with to cover the following questions in PowerPoint format if possible:


1.      Your budget, broken down by functional area within your agency.  Please include local, state and federal match/grant funds.
2.      Your current staffing level, broken down by professional and support staff.
3.      Outline of your role in the regional criminal justice system, including your mission statement, if applicable.
4.      Current caseload for your agency. 
5.      The metrics or measurements by which you measure your agency's output, success or effectiveness.
6.      Your assessment of current conflicts with other regional criminal justice agencies.
7.      Your assessment of your specific areas of excellence, i.e., what do you do best. 
8.      Your assessment of areas ripe for improvement within your agency. 
9.      Your views on combining with other agencies for greater efficiency.
10. The statutory basis for the existence/operation of your agency. 
11. Your views on the existence of duplicate services offered by another agency within the region.
12. How would you improve the efficiency’s and effectiveness of the regional criminal justice system?