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Burglar Gets Stuck In Shed

Posted 11/1/2013 12:22 PM by MDGREGORY

On Thursday, October 31st, 2013, Spokane Valley Sheriff's Deputies responded to 17221 E. Broadway for a burglary in progress call. The complainant reported she observed a male and female enter a shed on the church property and then walk away from the scene eastbound on Broadway.

Sheriff's Deputies Darell Stidham and Jeff Thurman arrived on scene and detained an adult female and 43-year-old Steven Devitt east of the church on Broadway. Deputy Thurman detained Devitt, who was holding a small box the complainant said he did not have prior to entering the shed, and Deputy Stidham detained the female.

The female told Deputy Stidham, she and Devitt were walking through the church parking lot when he saw a tire pump next to a shed. She said Devitt took the pump and put it in her backpack and then he crouched down and tried to crawl under the locked door on the shed. She begged him to stay out and as he tried to push the door open, she tried to push it shut. At one point she said he was able to reach under the locked door and take a pair of jumper cables and a can of fix-a-flat. She said Devitt crawled further under the door and grabbed a small box of battery acid. As he did this, he became stuck under the door and she had to pull him out.

Due to her cooperativeness, she was not charged at that time. Devitt was very uncooperative the entire time.

• Devitt was booked into jail on the felony charge of 2nd Degree Burglary.