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How to Apply

  • be an ordained minister, priest, or pastor and/or person recognized by the board.
  • be experienced in pastoral work and be able to deal with spiritual, psychological, and social needs of the officer, his or her family, and the community.
  • be affiliated with a local church and have that body’s approval for service as a chaplain.
  • have four (4) years of professional education in ministry or experiential equivalent.
  • have three (3) years experience in pastoral work or law enforcement.
  • be able to meet the sheriff's office requirements for chaplain and must be willing to conform to department policy as set forth in rules and regulations, general orders, and other applicable orders.
  • be able to meet the requirements of being on-call, spending time with officers, and additional training.
  • meet with and be approved by the Spokane County Chaplaincy Board of Directors.

Chaplains will come in contact with a wide variety of people and a wide range of personal qualifications will be helpful:

  • Professional demeanor/behavior
  • Knowledge of a variety of religious backgrounds
  • Crisis intervention
  • Knowledge of church and community resources