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1. How will I receive the card account number, expiration date and the 3-digit CVV2 value on the back of the card?
2. Why do I have to store a credit card number?
3. How secure is storing credit card information?
4. What is the process to access the card account number and expiration date from a secure email once I’ve registered on the secure email website?
5. My company does not have the ability to process and accept payment via virtual payables. What can I do?
6. Can you just continue send us checks?
7. What if I want to go back to receiving checks?
8. Are there any fees associated with this?
9. We have several people who process payments, so I don’t want to give you just one person’s email address.
10. Will I receive payment for all of our company locations?
11. What if I have trouble logging in or accessing the website?
12. More information on the program