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DUI Intensive Supervision Therapeutic Court


The mission of the Spokane County DUI Intensive Therapeutic Court is to compel chemically dependent offenders to address their chemical dependency, criminal thinking, and behavior. This is accomplished through support, accountability, treatment, intensive supervision and consistent contact with the ISTC team. By eliminating alcohol/drug use and the associated criminal activity, it is the intent of the court to also reduce recidivism, enhance community safety, reduce alcohol and other drug related deaths and increase rehabilitation.

The Court will:

Provide a means to successfully rehabilitate offenders by diverting them from the conventional criminal justice system and providing them with the tools they need to successfully reintegrate back into the culture.

What is the DUI Intensive Supervision Therapeutic Court?

The DUI Intensive Supervision Therapeutic Court (hereinafter “ISTC”) is a specialty court with the responsibility of handling cases involving hard-core drinking drivers that are chemically dependent through comprehensive supervision, treatment services, and a system of incentives and sanctions. ISTC provides a non-traditional approach to criminal DUI offenders who are severely chemically dependent. Rather than focusing only on the crimes committed and punishments received, ISTC attempts to address the underlying issues.

As part of a comprehensive approach to encourage a sober lifestyle, an individual supervision program will include chemical dependency treatment, MRT (Moral Recognition Therapy), frequent testing for use, regular attendance at court hearings, and regular contact with probation staff to assist the participant in obtaining additional services if needed. 

The Judge is closely involved in each case as a team member. Offenders will be rewarded or sanctioned based on his/her compliance with the program. If (the participant) does not work toward treatment goals then they will be terminated from the program. On the other hand, if the participant does work toward treatment goals, they will be given an opportunity to gain the necessary tools to rebuild their life.


How does one qualify?

  • Must have been convicted of 3 or more DUI/Physical Control or amended DUI’s in the past 10 years. 
  • Potential disqualifiers (on a case by case basis) include prior sex or violent crime convictions, prior or current Drug Court involvement, and DOC community custody holds, residency outside of Spokane County, active gang affiliation, or individuals identified as ROP offenders.
  • Please see our DUI-ISTC Handbook for more information.
  • Additional forms - Probation ConditionsTesting ContractTF Orientation Phase Test

Directions and Contact Information

Intensive Supervision Therapeutic Court

Public Safety Building 2nd Floor
1100 W. Mallon
Spokane, WA, 99260-0140
Phone: (509) 477-4751
FAX: (509) 477-2650

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