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Community Corrections Programs

The Spokane County Detention Services Programs Team collaborates with various community partners to provide a variety of options for the incarcerated offender. These programs are provided both within the facility and in the community to offer offenders opportunities for learning and putting into practice alternatives to lifestyle choices, transforming their thought and response processes in efforts to reduce the likelihood of re-incarceration. 

    Some of the Programs being offered for offenders are:


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Our Mission:

To provide services to adult offenders which enhance public safety through effective and innovative programs which support positive choices, constructive behavior and accountability, thereby reducing repeat criminal behavior.

Our Principals:

  • We believe that change is possible, and it begins internally.
  • We believe that all people are equal and diverse individuals who have intrinsic worth and deserve personal attention, support, humor, empowerment and recognition.
  • We believe in creating a challenging environment that emphasizes individual growth, exploration and strength.
  • We believe in being proactive participants in societal, environmental, political and individual change to promote a safer community.