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General Information

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The Spokane County Purchasing Department provides procurement services to county departments and agencies, which includes the acquisition of materials, supplies, equipment, various services including architectural and engineering services and public work projects (excluding road and bridge projects which are handled by the County Engineer). The procurement related services that are provided by the Purchasing Department for centralized procurements include the management and coordination of all stages of the competitive solicitation process, including vendor research on behalf of customer departments, pre-bid conferences and meetings with vendors and contractors, assisting departments in developing bid specifications and scope of work, bid document preparation, coordination of required advertising and other statutory requirements, public bid openings, bid tabulation, determinations of responsive bids/proposals, preparation of award recommendations, issuance of award notices and notices to proceed, contract preparation (including change orders), contract management and facilitation of payment reviews as made by the responsible departments of vendor requests for payment.

The Spokane County Purchasing Department additionally has oversight of the County Mail Center and assists/coordinates with the departments in disposal of their county-owned surplus personal property.


Purchasing Department
Spokane Regional Health Building
1101 W College Avenue, Suite 241B
Spokane, WA 99201

Phone: (509) 477-2301
Fax: (509) 477-6627

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