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Noxious Weed List

The Spokane County Noxious Weed Control Board adopts a Noxious Weed List each year.  The list categorizes weeds into four classes, Class A, Class B Designates, Class B and Class C, according to the seriousness of the threat they pose to the County.  In addition to these classes, Spokane County has established a Weeds of Concern list

Common Name

Scientific Name

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3


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Echium vulgare

Blueweed Pic 1 Blueweed Pic 2 Blueweed Pic 3

Broom, Scotch

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Cytisus scoparius

Scotch Broom Pic 1 Scotch Broom Pic 2 Scotch Broom Pic 3


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Solanum rostratum

Buffalobur Pic 1 Buffalobur Pic 2 Buffalobur Pic 3

Bugloss, Common

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Anchusa officinalis

Common Bugloss Pic 1 Common Bugloss Pic 2 Common Bugloss Pic 3

Chervil, Wild

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Anthriscus sylvestris

Wild Chervil Pic 1 Wild Chervil Pic 2 Wild Chervil Pic 3

Cress, Hoary

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Cardaria draba

Hoary Cress Pic 1 Hoary Cress Pic 2 Hoary Cress Pic 3

Daisy, Oxeye

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Leucanthemum vulgare

Oxeye Daisy Pic 1 Oxeye Daisy Pic 2 Oxeye Daisy Pic 3

Four O'Clock, Wild

 More Information


Mirabilis nyctaginea

Wild Four O'Clock Pic 1 Wild Four O'Clock Pic 2 Wild Four O'Clock Pic 3

Hawkweed, Orange

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Hieracium aurantiacum

Orange Hawkweed Pic 1 Orange Hawkweed Pic 2 Orange Hawkweed Pic 3

Hawkweed, Yellow

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Hieracium caespitosum

Yellow Hawkweed Pic 1 Yellow Hawkweed Pic 2 Yellow Hawkweed Pic 3

Helmet, Policeman's

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Impatiens glandulifera

Policeman's Helmet Pic 1 Policeman's Helmet Pic 2 Policeman's Helmet Pic 3

Knapweed, Diffuse

More Information


Centaurea diffusa

Diffuse Knapweed Pic 1 Diffuse Knapweed Pic 2 Diffuse Knapweed Pic 3

Knapweed, Russian

More Information


Acroptilon repens

Russian Knapweed Pic 1 Russian Knapweed Pic 2 Russian Knapweed Pic 3

Knapweed, Spotted

More Information


Centaurea stoebe

Spotted Knapweed Pic 1 Spotted Knapweed Pic 2 Spotted Knapweed Pic 3


More Information


Kochia scoparia

Kochia Pic 1 Kochia Pic 2 Kochia Pic 3

Loosestrife, Purple

More Information


Lythrum salicaria

Purple Loosestrife Pic 1 Purple Loosestrife Pic 2 Purple Loosestrife Pic 3

Mustard, Garlic

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Alliaria petiolata



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Tribulus terrestris 

 Puncturevine Pic 1  Puncturevine Pic 2  Puncturevine Pic 3


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Tamarix ramosissima

Saltcedar Pic 1 Saltcedar Pic 2 Saltcedar Pic 3

Skeletonweed, Rush

More Information


Chondrilla juncea

Rush Skeletonweed Pic 1 Rush Skeletonweed Pic 2 Rush Skeletonweed Pic 3

Spurge, Leafy

More Information


Euphorbia esula

Leafy Spurge Pic 1 Leafy Spurge Pic 2 Leafy Spurge Pic 3

Starthistle, Yellow

More Information


Centaurea solstitialis

Yellow Starthistle Pic 1 Yellow Starthistle Pic 2 Yellow Starthistle Pic 3

Thistle, Canada

More Information


Cirsium arvense

Canada Thistle Pic 1 Canada Thistle Pic 2 Canada Thistle Pic 3

Thistle, Musk

More Information


Cardurus mutans

Musk Thistle Pic 1 Musk Thistle Pic 2 Musk Thistle Pic 3

Thistle, Scotch

More Information


Onopordum acanthium

Scotch Thistle Pic 1 Scotch Thistle Pic 2 Scotch Thistle Pic 3

Toadflax, Dalmatian

More Information


Linaria dalmatica

Dalmatian Toadflax Pic 1 Dalmatian Toadflax Pic 2 Dalmatian Toadflax Pic 3