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Permitting and Land Use

These two programs are the gateway to all and use and construction permit approvals, providing assistance to applicants in the development process while ensuring that the public health and welfare, and safety to life and property is maintained.

Specific tasks and services for permitting and land use include:

  • Process and review building permit applications for compliance with the Spokane County Zoning standards.  State construction codes, County ordinances, and applicable Federal standards of commercial/office, residential/multi-family, garages, accessory buildings, alterations, additions, repairs, and other construction activity.
  • Processing applications for variances, conditional use permits, short plats, subdivisions (both preliminary and final), binding site plans, rural cluster development, zone reclassification, administrative actions, and property/parcel addressing.
  • Responds to inquiries about how property in Spokane County is zoned, what uses are permitted, and how property may be developed.
  • Provides plan review services for all commercial projects, with staff assigned for single point of contact permit approval process coordination.
  • Reviews permit applications for new structures, property line adjustments, commercial signage, and landscape standards.
  • Assist customers with technical code questions, and reasonable application of standards.  Plan review of residential additions, alterations, and accessory structures.
  • Assigns all addresses within the unincorporated areas of Spokane County, coordinating with fire districts, sheriff, and other emergency service providers.
  • Administers pre-application conferences with all regulatory agencies participating, providing applicants a clear understanding and overview of their proposed development plans.

If you're considering a property purchase, land development action or construction related permit activity, we recommend you try our service provider locator "Build Regional Spokane".  You'll have access to a vast informational portal that identifies the correct city, town, county, or governmental service provider for any property in Spokane County!  You will also find information regarding school districts, fire districts, elected officials, and much more.