Air-1 in the News

  1. WATCH: Spokane Rescue 3 Flight Crew hoists 3 hikers to safety following deadly fall of a fourth member
  2. Sheriff’s office deploys helicopter to save lost hiker on Mount Spokane
  3. Lighter helps rescuers find lost hikers in Liberty Lake
  4. Spokane County Sheriff's Office Adds a Helicopter to it's Fleet
  5. Rescue crews locate lost hiker in Iller Creek area
  6. WATCH: Reckless driver leads Spokane deputies to drugs, cash and arrests
  7. Volunteer pilots take to the skies to keep Spokane safe
  8. K-9 Training like Disneyland for Dogs
  9. Speeding driver captured by K9 Laslo after lengthy chase
  10. Spokane Valley Man Arrested for Pointing Laser at SCSO Helicopter
  11. Air 1 Helicopter helps arrest two minors breaking into University High School
  12. Fleeing Driver Captured After Pursuit Initiates in Idaho
  13. Stranded fishermen rescued on Rock Lake
  14. Curbing Crime and Saving Lives Aboard Air-1
  15. Spokane Police Use New Tools to Protect Parade
  16. Local Deputy Earns National Award
  17. Police Capture Kennewick Murder Suspect in Spokane Home
  18. Air-1 Captures Spokane Police Pursuit with Night-Vision Camera
  19. Dramatic Video of Cop Shooter Trying to Evade Police
  20. Carjacking Suspects Tracked by Copter
  21. Body Found in Car Located in Spokane River
  22. Helicopter Video of Speeding Driver
  23. Air 1 Volunteers Find Missing Man
  24. Search for Overdue Hikers
  25. Insane Killer Captured After 4 Days on the Run
  26. 19 Arrested in Multi-Agency Gang Sweep
  27. Spokane County Sheriff's Helicopter
  28. Sheriff's Helicopter Is a Deputy's Best Friend
  29. Sheriff's Air One Helicopter Keeping Busy Catching Bad Guys
  30. Inside Look at the Sheriff's Helicopter Program
  31. Helicopter Tracks Hit and Run Suspects
  32. Copter, New Police Dog Aid in Mans Arrest
  33. Spokane County Sheriff's Helicopter