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Summer Water Science Activity Kit Request Form

  1. Please read prior to submitting
    Complete and submit this form by 8/7/20 to receive a FREE Summer Water Science Activity Kit - The Power of Plants! You must be able to pick up this kit at the Spokane County Water Resource Center (see address and dates/times below). The kit will provide you with the supplies and lesson instructions to bring a water education activity into your home! One kit per household. Supplies limited to first 25 requests. Must attend school in Spokane County. Thank you!
  2. Pick Up Dates/Times
    Tuesday, August 11: 3-6pm
    Wednesday, August 12: 10a-1pm
    Thursday, August 13: 3-6pm
  3. Pick Up Location
    Spokane County Water Resource Center, 1004 N Freya St
    (SE of the Trent and Freya intersection)

  4. If you always home schooled even before quarantining, please just indicate "Home School".
  5. Wally Otter Mascot and Request Link
  6. If you wish to reach us outside of this form submission, you may email Thank you from the Spokane County Water Resource Center!
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