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Reservation Request: WRC Conference Room

  1. Please Note:  Reservation requests may not be submitted more than six (6) weeks in advance and are limited to one (1) reservation per quarter per external group.

    Spokane County uses its Water Resource Center (WRC) conference room to support its education program activities and Water Resources Program. When not being used by our staff, the WRC conference room is available for use during business hours (8:00 AM – 4:30 PM). Not all requests can be granted due to priority given to internal needs. 

    Please review the WRC Reservation and Conference Room Policies prior to submitting this request.

    After submitting your request, you will be contacted via email within three (3) business days.

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  3. Note:  Room capacity is 90 persons. Parking is limited to 40 vehicles.

  4. Is your meeting or activity related to community education?*
  5. Will you be discussing water resource or related environmental topics?*
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  7. Unless you have been instructed otherwise, please upload your organization's Certificate of Liability Insurance. This applies to almost all organizations outside of Spokane County.

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    I have read and agree to the County’s Water Resource Center Reservation and Conference Room Policies. I understand that the County may provide preferential scheduling for groups/activities that support the WRC’s and the Water Resource Program’s regular functions. I understand that the County’s services related to the WRC conference room are limited and that our group will generally be responsible for our own supplies, equipment, refreshments, set up/break down of the room. I acknowledge that failure to follow conference room policies and procedures may result in loss of WRC conference room privileges.

  9. The Spokane County Water Resource Center is located at 1004 N Freya Street, just SE of the Trent and Freya intersection. Parking is free for a maximum of 40 vehicles.

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