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Request Form: Educator to Visit Your Classroom - Live or Virtual

  1. All visits are FREE! Schedule now for a fun, but educational, classroom visit by a Water Resource Center educator! We'll lead your class in a 45-minute age-appropriate activity (in-person or virtually). We encourage you to coordinate with other teachers in your school so that we might visit multiple classes on one visit. Thank you for sending your request! We'll be in touch with you soon to set a date and time and confirm that we're bringing an activity that fits well with your curriculum.

  2. Please provide your best estimate.

  3. Share any insight you have so that we can best plan for our visit to meet your needs.

  4. Provide additional information or questions, if any, so we are better prepared when we contact you.

  5. While we're excited to visit your classroom, please consider bringing your class to the Water Resource Center (1004 N Freya Street) for an additional experience. All visits are FREE and you can bring lunches to eat on-site when you're done! A separate request form can be found on our Field Trips! web page.

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