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  2. SCRAPS Adoption Form
  3. Congratulations on adding a new family member.
    To better serve our customers, we'll like to ask you to take a few minutes and let us know about your adoption experience here at SCRAPS.
  4. Species of Animal
  5. How would you rate your overall adoption experience?
  6. How many minutes did you wait before you spoke to a customer service representative?
  7. Once you were waited on, were your questions answered fully?
  8. Was the process of adoption and the information regarding taking your new pet home explained to you clearly?
  9. Were you addressed politely?
  10. Do you feel you received enough information on adopting your new pet?
  11. SCRAPS is the only agency in Spokane County that deals with stray, homeless and abused animals. These animals come to us without medical histories. Were you informed of their background when you were adopting?
  12. Would you recommend adopting an animal at SCRAPS to a friend?
  13. You have just saved the life of a homeless animals. Thank you for opening your heart and your home to make a difference!
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