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Public Works

  1. Contact Public Works

    Your questions, comments and suggestions for Spokane County Public Works will help us to evaluate your concerns and provide quality... More…

  2. Newman Lake Email Distribution List
  3. Sign/Signal Information and Reporting Form

    Use this form to report the location of a down sign or non-working signal to provide the Sign and Signal crew members a detailed... More…

  4. Stormwater Management Program Plan Goals
  1. Contact Stormwater Utility

    Your questions, comments and suggestions help us evaluate how well we are doing at providing clear and concise information.

  2. Pothole Reporting

    Report the location of a pothole to provide Road Maintenance District crew members detailed information on where to locate and repair... More…

  3. Storm Drain Stenciling Info Request Form

    Would your community service or other group like to help educate yourselves and the public about water quality issues by stenciling... More…

  4. Survey Monument Reporting Tool

    The Spokane County Public Works Department has embarked on an effort to recover legacy survey monuments that have been paved/chip... More…