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Aquatic Staff Orientation Quiz

  1. 2. What should you do to ensure that all customers have a positive experience?*
  2. 3. When handling a problem you should: (check all that apply)*
  3. 4. Are scheduled staff meetings and trainings mandatory? *
  4. 5. What organization is running the concession stands at each facility this year?*
  5. 6. When can you use your cell phone while at work?*
  6. 7. All employees may be subjected to disciplinary actions for? (check all that apply)*
  7. 8. During an emergency you should? *
  8. 9. What should you do if someone from a news station, paper, or other media source approaches you at the aquatic facility?*
  9. 10. When a patron has a comment, suggestion or complaint, what should you do? *
  10. 12. Is it ok to gossip at work or talk negatively about a coworker with other coworkers? *
  11. 13. If you cannot make one of your scheduled shifts, what should you do first before contacting your manager? *
  12. 14. Before leaving at the end of your shift what do you need to do? (check all that apply)*
  13. 15. Where do you submit leave requests? *
  14. 16. Where can you see your schedule? (check all that apply)*
  15. 17. If you have any questions about anything who should you contact first? (check all that apply)*
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