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Emergency Management

  1. COAD Information Collection Form

    Form to know what resources our partners have.

  2. Contact Search and Rescue

    Please use this form for any questions regarding the Search and Rescue program, and it will be sent to the SAR Coordinator, Thad... More…

  3. ICS 300 Oct 11-13, 2022

    Register for ICS 300

  4. Interested in a Disaster Preparedness presentation?

    For groups/organizations to fill out to ask us to come out and do a presentation

  5. Would you like us to participate in your event?

    If someone has an event that they would like us to participate in

  1. Contact SAR Council

    Please use this form if you have questions about the SAR Council or are interested in participating.

  2. Contact Spokane County Emergency Management

    Fill out and submit this form to contact us with questions, comments, compliments, complaints and/or suggestions. We look forward to... More…

  3. ICS 400 Nov 8-9, 2022

    Register for ICS 400

  4. Spokane County Volunteer Application

    For all volunteers serving the greater Spokane area, most of which fall under the Emergency Worker program. NOTE: If you are interested... More…