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Financial Disclaimer - 2020 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

  1. The financial reports and statements of Spokane County contained on the County’s web pages are historical information that present the County’s financial position as of their particular date. The County assumes no obligation for updating these financial reports and statements. Each financial report and statement is subject to change at the sole discretion of the County and without notice.
  2. Any unaudited financial information set forth below is informational only. Adjustments and modifications to the financial statements may be identified during the course of audit work, which could result in significant differences from this preliminary unaudited financial information. As such, unaudited information contained on this website has been included for general information purposes only and the information is not intended to be the basis of, and should not be relied upon in making an investment in County obligations.
  3. The County has taken reasonable security measures to protect the integrity of its website and information posted thereon. However, no website can fully ensure against infiltration. Absent any unauthorized act that deletes, edits or somehow manipulates the words or data in the financial reports and statements, such financial reports and statements are true and correct as of their date.
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