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Why did I receive a statement when my taxes are paid by a mortgage company?

Due to a change in state law, beginning in 2020 full tax statements are mailed to all taxpayers, including those whose property taxes are paid through escrow. For those who have their taxes paid through escrow, this may be the first time you have received a full tax statement instead of an informational postcard. This courtesy information is provided to you so that you have a record of the taxes billed to your mortgage company.  Under Washington State Law, it is the taxpayer's responsibility to insure taxes are paid on their property.

If a mortgage company is no longer paying your taxes (the loan has been paid off, the loan has been sold to another company that does not require impounds, etc.), you are responsible for making your payments in a timely manner. Please contact our office or call 509-477-4713 to update your records for this change and to obtain a tax statement.

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6. Why did I receive a statement when my taxes are paid by a mortgage company?

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