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What is the Property Valuation Cycle?
The following factors are involved in the Property Valuation Cycle:
- All real property is revalued annually, with a physical inspection completed at least once every six years.
- New construction is appraised annually.
- Personal property is recalculated each year based on current listings.
- Property owners are notified when assessed values change.
- State law mandates that all property must be valued at 100% true and fair market value, which is the amount the property would most likely sell for on the open market.

A single sale does not necessarily establish market value. The following factors are used to determine the assessed value for residential, commercial, and industrial property:
- Comparable sales
- Depreciated replacement cost
- Income approaches

The assessor uses mass appraisal methods to appraise approximately 212,000 real property parcels in Spokane County.

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