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Feryn Ranch Conservation Area


Feryn Ranch Conservation Area Map (PDF)

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The 164 acres of Feryn Ranch Conservation Area are an isolated fragment of remnant habitat and a prime example of the Peone Prairie prior to settlement. Please respect the privacy of the private residence at the end of the access road by parking in the maintenance turn around, located south of Day-Mt. Spokane Road. 

The wetland habitat is used by 108 species of birds as a migratory corridor with 65 of those breeding within this critical wetland system. The site provides an excellent opportunity to view a diverse number of bird species and is featured in the Audubon Society's Palouse-to-Pines Loop. Spokane County Parks worked in conjunction with the local Ducks Unlimited chapter to protect the Feryn Ranch and neighboring properties with a rehabilitation grant from the North American Conservation Act (NAWCA) to conserve an upland buffer, create habitats, and provide a barrier from nearby farmlands.

The 83.6 acres portion of the former Feryn Ranch Homestead were acquired by Ducks Unlimited through NAWCA and donated to Spokane County Parks, Recreation and Golf Department in 2004 and 2005. Despite its relatively small size and isolation, Feryn Ranch Conservation Area is a crucial yet fragile habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife species that has been managed by Spokane County Parks to ensure successful restoration and retainment of wildlife species. Minimal development of recreational infrastructure and limited approved recreation activities are ways in which Spokane County Parks is working to ensure adequate preservation of Feryn Ranch and its unique ecological attributes.

Directions | Webcams

Feryn Maintenance Turnaround (Click here) | Webcam coming soon! 

Planning Documents

None at this time. 

Permitted Uses


  • Dogs can be disruptive to wildlife and must be kept on a leash at all times while in the conservation area.
  • No equestrian use.
  • Motorized vehicles are not permitted in the conservation area.
  • Hunting and/or shooting are not permitted at any time in the conservation area.
  • No campfires are permitted in the conservation area.