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Dishman Hills Conservation Area - Glenrose Unit


Dishman Hills Conservation Area Trail Map - Glenrose Unit

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The Glenrose Unit of Dishman Hills Conservation Area consists of 607 acres of County-owned land purchased through the Conservation Futures Program and another 74 acres owned by the Dishman Hills Conservancy. This unit of the Dishman Hills Conservation Area is situated roughly in the middle of the Dishman Hills corridor that starts at Camp Caro and ends at Stevens Creek Trailhead and features mid-elevation Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir and Grand fir forest along with open meadows. The Glenrose and Cliffs trails offer several miles of trail in an "out and back" experience. The trail system can currently be accessed via the new Glenrose Trailhead.

With the Phillips Creek Addition acquired in 2018, Spokane County Parks will be working with stakeholders and the community in 2019 to locate and design a new trailhead near the Ponderosa Neighborhood in Spokane Valley. Currently, that portion of the of conservation area is closed to public access. Trail planning will also be moving forward in 2019 to envision an expanded trail system in the Unit.