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Dishman Hills Conservation Area


Dishman Hills Conservation Area Trail Map - Glenrose Unit

Dishman Hills Conservation Area Trail Map - Iller Creek / Stevens Creek Detail (PDF)

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Dishman Hills Conservation Area consists of 1,233 acres of County-owned, preserved open space. Together with Dishman Hills Conservancy-owned land and Department of Natural Resources property, over 1,600 acres of scenic, high quality habitat is available for passive recreation such as hiking and bird watching. While the DHCA currently consists of two separate areas in the Glenrose and Iller Creek areas, a long-term vision is emerging that could eventually connect the two areas and Dishman Hills Natural Area to create a large wilderness-like area within 5 miles of downtown Spokane.

Glenrose Access

The Glenrose Unit is a recent addition to the Spokane County Park system. In April of 2012, 267 acres were acquired with Conservation Futures funds adjacent to 160 acres of existing Department of Natural Resources (DNR) property.

View the Glenrose Access Trail Map (PDF).

Iller Creek / Stevens Creek Access

The Iller Creek Unit is one of the more popular conservation areas acquired through the Conservation Futures Program. Consisting of 966 acres of trails and habitat on the east flanks of Tower Mountain, this property includes granite monoliths popular with rock climbers, seasonal creeks, and views of Spokane Valley and the Palouse.

The Iller Creek Conservation Area hosts 163 species of invertebrates, 120 species of birds (see the Birds of Iller Creek Checklist (PDF)), 15 mammals and 2 amphibians. Moose and black bear are frequently seen by visitors.

View the Iller Creek - Stevens Creek Trail Map (PDF).