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Camp Caro Community Park

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Camp Caro Community Park serves as the gateway to the Dishman Hills Natural Area. Located just south of the Sprague commercial corridor in the eastern portion of the Valley, Camp Caro features a maintained lawn bordered by the rising bluffs and rock outcroppings of the Dishman Hills Natural Area. Camp Caro Lodge is typically available on a reservation basis May 1st through September 30th. to private groups and is a popular place to hold events. Reservation requests are accepting starting January 1st of each year for that current year.


Camp Caro is 20 acres, adjacent to the 534-acre Dishman Hills Natural Area. 26 parking spaces are available and overflow parking is available at the corner of Sargent and Appleway, as well as a playground, ADA pathway, and restrooms.

Lodge Rental

The Camp Caro Lodge is available for reservation to the public. Capacity of the lodge is at 75 people. Typically, larger groups (beyond 75) will reserve a portion of the lawn ("Package A") to set up tables, shade tents, etc.

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