What if I need additional information?
Additional information may be obtained in the tax statute (Chapters 84.08 and 84.48 of the Revised Code of Washington) and in the Department of Revenue's administrative rules (Chapter 458-14 Washington Administration Code)

To assist you, the following publications are available from your County Assessor's Office and Department of Revenue:

- A Homeowner's Guide to Property Taxes

- Facts on Washington's Tax Structure: Property Tax

- Facts on Personal Property Tax

- Property Tax Exemptions for Nonprofit Organizations

- Tax Relief for Senior Citizens and Disabled Person

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1. What is the correlation between the County Assessor, County Treasurer, and the County Board of Equalization?
2. What is the basic order of processes, procedures, and time frame of appeal?
3. How can I appeal the assessed value of my property?
4. Who may file an appeal?
5. Where can I get an appeal form?
6. What is the deadline for filing?
7. When should I contact the Assessor's Office?
8. When do I receive a "Change of Value Notice" or "Value Notice"?
9. How does the Assessor value my property?
10. What information must I provide for a completed petition?
11. Am I encouraged to exchange valuation information and supporting evidence at a reasonable time prior to hearing?
12. How is the resolve processed?
13. When will I have a hearing?
14. What can I expect at the hearing?
15. How soon will I receive a decision from the board?
16. What if I am not satisfied with the Board of Equalization's decision?
17. If I do not file my appeal in a timely fashion, can the Board be reconvened to consider my petition?
18. Should I wait until after my hearing to pay my property taxes?
19. What if I need additional information?