When do I receive a "Change of Value Notice" or "Value Notice"?
If you did not receive a notice of change of value due to the occurrence of all of the following:

- The taxpayer was absent from his or her home or from the address where the assessment notice or value change notice is normally received by the taxpayer. If the notice is normally mailed by the Assessor or a mortgage or other agent of the taxpayer, the taxpayer must show the mortgage or other agent was required, pursuant to written instructions from the taxpayer, to promptly transmit the notice and failed to do so; and

- The taxpayer was absent (as described above) for more than fifteen days prior to the filing deadline; and

- The filing deadline is after July 1 of the assessment year.

Contact the Board of Equalization for possible waiver for good cause.

Also, keep in mind that the Assessor is obligated to send the notice to the "owner" whose name and address appears on the assessment rolls. Often, the "owner" and "taxpayer" can also be two different parties. It is therefore your responsibility to notify the assessor of any incorrect information or address changes. It is additionally your responsibility to request that the Assessor or the mortgage or the lending company send copies of the notices to you.

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