How does Spokane County limit the amount of water use?

When purchasing a mitigation certificate, the applicant must also sign a property covenant limiting the amount of water use on the parcel from the onsite well to the amount of the mitigation certificate. To comply with our agreement with the Washington Department of Ecology to offer mitigation certificates Spokane County must report the actual amount of outdoor irrigation based on a review of aerial photography. The applicant must also grant an avigation easement so that Spokane County can utilize other aerial methods to determine compliance with limitations on outdoor irrigation from onsite sources if an aerial photo is not sufficient.

Spokane County has enacted an ordinance that governs the operation of the Little Spokane Water Bank. The ordinance specifies fines for exceeding the outdoor irrigation use allowed by the mitigation certificate. Spokane County will make every attempt to work with the property owner to comply with the limitations of the mitigation certificate before issuing a fine.

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