Why not remodel Geiger Corrections Facility instead?
The Geiger Correction Center building is in such as state that it would have to be razed rather than remodeled; the amount of land available at the current site is not enough to accommodate the safe and modern detention facility that is required. Geiger location on property leased from Spokane International Airport is also of concern. The SIA Board of Directors’ says a correctional facility is incompatible with the airport’s long term goals and has chosen not extend the current lease beyond the 2013 expiration. The Spokane County Board of Commissioners and the Spokane County Sheriff’s office agree with that decision. The SIA board is working with Spokane County to ensure that Geiger remains open if movement toward replacing the aging detention center continues.

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1. Can the Community Correction Center be built without replacing Geiger?
2. Have partnerships for a regional facility been considered with other jurisdictions such as the State of Washington, the federal government or neighboring counties including Kootenai County, Idaho?
3. How much will this cost?
4. The number of inmates housed at the Spokane County Jail and the Geiger Corrections Center has recently decreased. Does this mean that Geiger no longer has to be replaced?
5. What is the Community Corrections Center?
6. What is this project?
7. When will we vote on this proposal?
8. Why must the Geiger Corrections Center be replaced?
9. Why not remodel Geiger Corrections Facility instead?
10. Why was the property near the Medical Lake Interchange along I-90 chosen to build a replacement for the Geiger Corrections Facility?
11. Why will the Community Corrections Center be housed downtown rather than on the West Plains?
12. Will the Community Correction Center house sex offenders?