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Can I take a court file out of the Clerk's office to copy it?
The public may not remove a court file from the Clerk's Office. Files may be withdrawn to be taken to a courtroom or the Bar Association Office by the following persons on giving a written receipt: judges, court commissioners, deputy clerks, bailiffs, official court reporters, judicial assistants, court administrator's office, court facilitator staff, representatives from bail and/or bonding companies, attorneys, paralegals registered under LCR 54(e)(3), APR 9 legal interns, guardians ad litem and representatives of adoption agencies.

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1. Where is the County Clerk's Office (Clerk of the Superior Court) and what hours is it open?
2. How do I get information about a case?
3. Can I take a court file out of the Clerk's office to copy it?
4. What does it cost to file a law suit in the Superior Court?
5. Where do I file court documents?
6. How do I obtain copies of documents from a court file?
7. How do I do a court record search?
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9. Why are some cases confidential or sealed?
10. Do I need an attorney to do my legal work?
11. How do I present my documents to the court?
12. What is the date, time and/or place of my court hearing?
13. How and where do I set a court date?

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