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Whose responsibility is it to make payments?
All sewer charges, fees, penalties and interest shall be paid by the property owner or by a tenant or agent whom the property owner has authorized in writing for the Environmental Services Department to bill. Each property owner shall remain fully responsible for all sewer charges, fees, penalties, and interest with respect to his/her property, whether such charges were incurred by or on account of him/herself or on account of some other person or business.

If you are the owner of rented or leased property and want to add a tenant/property management company and receive a courtesy copy of the monthly bill, please fill out the appropriateLetter of Authorization Form.

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1. When is my monthly bill due?
2. Where do I mail my payment?
3. How do I change my address for my sewer bill?
4. When are the monthly sewer bills mailed?
5. What are the current sewer charges and rates?
6. What is a Reduced Rate Residence?
7. What is a Sewer Service Fee?
8. How is the monthly Operation and Maintenance charge calculated?
9. What is Operation and Maintenance?
10. What is a prepayment period for the Capital Facilities Rate?
11. What is a Capital Facilities Rate?
12. What is a General Facilities Charge?
13. What is an Equivalent Residential Unit?
14. How is my payment credited to my account?
15. What happens if I don't pay my monthly sewer bill?
16. Whose responsibility is it to make payments?

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