Why am I charged a stormwater fee?

Stormwater fees have been assigned to all properties within Spokane County’s identified Stormwater Service Area, "SWSA" since 1993.  Properties within this unincorporated area are charged an annual fee to provide funding for stormwater management plans and basic stormwater services, such as maintaining County-owned drainage systems and natural drainageways that flow in or through the SWSA.  The County owns over 10,000 drainage structures that mainly serve roadways.  Maintenance of private drainage systems are the responsibility of property owners.

For the most part, stormwater from County roads flows into facilities such as ditches, drywells or swales, that allows infiltration into the ground.  The stormwater eventually infiltrates the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer, the sole source of drinking water for the greater Spokane area, or around 400,000 residents.

The Stormwater Utility is responsible for overseeing the requirements of the County’s NPDES permit, or National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, which includes public education, inspection of County maintenance and other facilities to eliminate practices that may pollute our water, training of maintenance and construction personnel to assure they are up to date on special requirements of the permit, and much more.  The Utility employs 6.5 full-time employees and also designs and manages multiple construction and maintenance projects and contracts each year.


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