Why build the CHBRP?
Spokane County’s NPDES Phase II permit, a permit required by the EPA and administered by the Washington State Department of Ecology, states that the County must provide water quality retrofit facilities in an effort to treat polluted stormwater before it reaches a surface water body or drinking water source.

The Country Homes Boulevard channel is the main conduit for transporting stormwater runoff within the Five Mile Watershed to the Price and Wall Regional Stormwater facility. While Price and Wall is a water quality treatment facility, it does not have the capacity to treat all of the potential stormwater pollutants that reach the facility via the channel.

Almost all of the pollution-generating impervious surfaces (i.e., roads, sidewalks, roofs, and driveways) that stormwater runoff flows across (starting from the Prairie on down to the channel) is currently lacking any stormwater pre-treatment.

By restoring the Country Homes Boulevard channel, we approach meeting the treatment requirements of today’s water quality standards.

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1. What does CHBRP Mean?
2. Why build the CHBRP?
3. Why couldn't the Stormwater Utility just seal the cracks in the channel? Wouldn't that have been enough to keep the weeds from growing?
4. Who financed the CHBRP?
5. What were the project limits?
6. What was the projected timeline for construction?
7. People drive way too fast on Country Homes Boulevard. Will the project make it worse?
8. What regulatory permitting processes affected construction of the CHBRP?
9. How does the new bio-infiltration swale and subsurface pipe system work?
10. Will the swale be able to handle heavy rainfall in the same capacity that the existing asphalt channel did?
11. Will standing water in the bio-infiltration swale attract mosquitoes?
12. How will the bio-infiltration swale handle snow?
13. How will the project affect irrigation?
14. Who will be responsible for post-construction landscape maintenance?
15. Weeds were a huge nuisance in the channel. How will the CHBRP fix this problem?
16. As the native grasses and trees grow, will visibility at the intersections / crossings along Country Homes Boulevard be impaired?
17. Will there be permanent signage placed at the site?
18. Since there will not be signs, how will the public be made aware of the CHBRP?
19. Will wildlife be enticed to nest or live in the bio-infiltration swale?