What happens after a complaint is filed?
Once a complaint is received in our office it is reviewed for appropriateness and adequacy of information. Issues must be inside Spokane County and outside the city limits of Spokane or other incorporated areas. A quick background check is conducted. Inappropriate complaints are discarded, returned to the complainant or forwarded to the correct agency. A sequence of actions then occurs: The site is inspected, the complaint is verified and notification is then sent to the property owner. If the owner complies the complaint file is closed. If no compliance take place the complaint is then forwarded to the county prosecutors for legal action.

Initial action on a complaint will normally begin within 2 or 3 days. An inspection of the site will occur within 5 working days. Resolutions however, can take weeks, months and sometimes longer depending on the complexity and legal ramifications involved.

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2. What happens after a complaint is filed?