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How do I get an address assigned to my property?

To obtain an address for your property, send us your nine-digit parcel number (found on your property tax statement), along with a site plan indicating the location and dimension of all property lines and all existing and proposed structures on the property.  Also, indicate the location of the driveway intersection with the county road.  Be sure to send us your mailing address and phone number or email so we can send you the new address or call you if we have any questions.  Our address is: Spokane County Department of Building and Planning; Attn: Addressing; 1026 West Broadway Avenue; Spokane, WA 99260-0050. View more information:


County Ordinance requires property addresses to be conspicuously displayed on a residence or place of business, or adjacent to the driveway or access road serving the building so that it readily identifies the specific property.

Numbers shall be a minimum of four inches in height with a stroke width of a half inch (1/2") and be displayed against a contrasting background.  Addresses for buildings more than 100 feet from the public way need to be placed on a sign or post between 3 and 6 feet above the ground and within 25 feet of the right-of-way.

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