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An attorney or investigator has been contacting me about the case. What should I do?
First, as a victim or witness to a crime, you should always take the time to identify who exactly you are talking with. Any person legitimately involved in a case will always be able to provide identification. Second, unless under court order, you have the right to speak with anyone or decline to speak with anyone. Third, according to RCW 7.69.030(10), with respect to victims of violent and sex crimes, the victim, survivors of victims, and witnesses of any criminal court and/or juvenile court proceeding, can have a crime victim advocate from a crime Victim/Witness Unit, or any other support person of the victim's choosing, present at any prosecutorial or defense interviews with the victim, and at any judicial proceedings related to criminal acts committed against the victim. This applies if practical and if the presence of the crime victim advocate or support person does not cause any unnecessary delay in the investigation of the case. The role of the crime victim advocate is to provide emotional support to crime victims.

The Victim/Witness Unit has interview request forms and procedures to coordinate interviews with defense attorneys or their investigators. Feel free to contact the Victim/Witness Unit for assistance with interviews.

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