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Harvard Rd Widening Project

Project No:  CRP 3078
Project Year:  To be determined
Project Type:  Reconstruction
Project Manager:  Tim Schwab, P.E.

Project Description:  The Harvard Road Widening Project proposes to widen Harvard Rd from Euclid Ave to approximately 2,000 feet north of Wellesley Ave.  Improvements include two 12' lanes with 8' shoulders and a separated asphalt path. On the east side, left turn lanes would be constructed at the Euclid Ave & Wellesley Ave intersections along with a signal at the Wellesley intersection.  This plan is the revised plan based on comments received from interested citizens.

The Harvard Rd project plans to connect to proposed improvements which the "Bridging the Valley" project would construct.  This project plans to realign Harvard Rd over the BN Railroad tracks and connect to existing Harvard Rd alignment as shown in plans below.

Right-of-way and construction phases are currently not funded for this project.

Concept Plans

  • Plan 1 includes Euclid Ave intersection
  • Plan 2 includes portion adjacent to Baptist Church
  • Plan 3 includes Union Pacific Railroad Crossing
  • Plan 4 includes Wellesley Ave Intersection, North/South
  • Plan 5 includes north end of project
  • Plan 6 (Wellesley Ave) Includes Wellesley Ave intersection, East/West
  • Display 1 Overall layout showing location of each plan sheet within project
  • Project Limits Overall view of project location
  • Cross Section Shows a typical section for much of the project
  • Bridging the Valley  Preliminary Plan for "Bridging the Valley" project

Public Involvement Overview

Open House Public Meeting
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 | 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Otis Orchards Elementary School
22000 E. Wellesley Avenue, Otis Orchards, WA 99027
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