On Wednesday, June 21st, 2017 the Administrative Committee of the Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council formally authorized a project to pilot a new re-entry program, referred to as the Jail Transitions Pathways HUB. This effort is a partnership with Better Health Together, to bring this evidence-based model to Spokane. Based on a similar model from Michigan, which has driven down recidivism by 36%, the Pathways HUB will be assessing those re-entering our community from the Spokane County Jail across 20 different "pathways", or needs areas, ranging from physical to dental health, to housing and employment needs. Community Health Workers, housed throughout agencies, will coordinate participant case plans and closely track outcomes via the technology HUB.

The program will target moderate to high risk, younger adults (aged 18-35), from highly impacted neighborhoods. Collected data will be disaggregated by race/ethnicity, male/female and age.

We have set a target launch for the HUB of late October/early November 2017.

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