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Posted on: February 3, 2021

Treasurer Baumgartner authorizes May 31st first half 2021 property tax extension


Treasurer Michael Baumgartner Extends First Half 2021 Property Tax Due Date Through May 31st


Spokane County, WA – Treasurer of Spokane County Michael Baumgartner announced a one-month extension of first half 2021 property taxes from April 30th through May 31st to provide tax relief resulting from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Spokane County taxpayers will have through May 31st to pay their first half 2021 property taxes without accruing interest or penalty charges. Taxpayers will begin receiving annual tax statements by mid-March.


State law provides County Treasurers the authority to grant property tax extensions during a declared state of emergency. Treasurer Baumgartner previously authorized extensions of 2020 property taxes totaling one hundred and five additional days, the longest extension of counties in Washington State.


“While by law, I cannot reduce or waive your tax obligations, I do have the authority to provide more time to pay” said Treasurer Michael Baumgartner “This extension provides an additional month for Spokane County taxpayers continuing to struggle from the various economic impacts of the pandemic to pay without facing delinquent charges.”


Following the 2020 tax collection cycle, the Treasurer’s Office reported a nearly 99% collection rate across the County which is consistent with regular tax cycles prior to the pandemic. The Treasurer’s Office also serviced approximately $150 million in government debt payments from collected revenues. State law requires an annual 23% interest and penalty rate to be charged to delinquent taxes. Due to last year’s tax extensions, Spokane County taxpayers paid $1.2 million less in annual penalty and interest than the year prior.


“I am pleased that through our forecasting and cash management, our extension could help the people needing it most while also making sure that government’s obligations were made on time.” added Baumgartner.


The 2021 spring property tax extension only applies to real and personal property taxes due in Spokane County. Prior year delinquent taxes are not included in the extension. Property taxes paid on behalf of taxpayers such as through mortgage loan service providers remain due by the statutory April 30th deadline.


Taxpayers can except to begin receiving their annual property tax statements by mid-March. Property tax statements include important taxpayer information including basic eligibility for tax exemption programs and data on how your taxes are distributed and what taxes are approved by voters versus imposed by government itself.