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Posted on: March 30, 2020

Treasurer's Office to Authorize Due Date Extension to June 15th


For Immediate Release:

March 30th, 2020

Treasurer’s Office to Grant Property Tax Relief by Offering June 15th Due Date Extension; Calls on Able Taxpayers to Pay On-Time

Spokane County, WA – Treasurer Michael Baumgartner announced today that a property tax due date extension will be granted to taxpayers experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The regular April 30th deadline will be extended to June 15th for first half property tax payments in Spokane County. Taxpayers financially able to make their regular property tax payments are urged to do so by April 30th to support essential local government services reliant on property tax revenue. The extension does not apply to prior year delinquent taxes or intermediaries, including mortgage loan service companies.

Exercising statutory authority found in RCW 84.56.020(10), Michael Baumgartner, the Treasurer of Spokane County will issue a property tax due date extension to Spokane County taxpayers impacted by COVID-19. By state law, a county treasurer may grant extensions of tax due dates during a state of emergency called by the Governor. The intent of issuing a tax date extension is to provide relief to those experiencing financial hardship because of COVID-19 both residential and commercial on real and personal property taxes. Taxpayers will have until June 15th, 2020 to make their first half payments. If the extension due date is missed applicable penalty and interest will be assessed.

“It’s only right that we try to ease the tax burden for those who are suffering financial hardship during this difficult time,” said Baumgartner. The Treasurer’s Office does not set tax rates or determine property value, but it is my job to make sure that taxes are collected fairly and responsibly. This doesn’t mean that their tax bill goes away – I don’t have the authority to do that – it does mean that they will have a little longer to pay their tax bill.”

Baumgartner strongly urged those who are financially able to pay their local property taxes to do so as quickly as possible.

Local taxing districts, many of which are providing essential and critical services, heavily reliant on property taxes anticipate significant revenues to be received ahead of the April 30th annual property tax deadline to fund essential government services including public safety and emergency preparedness. The Treasurer’s Office estimates that approximately 40% of the total tax roll is received each year in the month of April.

“It’s only right that as citizens face financial hardship that the government look to ways to tighten its belt, but unlike the Federal Government we cannot print money and it is your property tax dollars that helps pay for essential services like fire departments, emergency medical services, Sheriff’s Deputies and County Health workers. We are in a war with this virus. It is a war that we will win. But like in the second World War, the Greatest Generation stepped up and bought war bonds to fund the fight, we need everyone who is financially able to pay their taxes to help fund this fight.”

Citizens may utilize Treasurer’s Office Virtual Customer Service by calling (509) 477-4713, emailing or visiting


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