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Apr 17

Upcoming Recycling and Disposal Events

Posted on April 17, 2019 at 10:27 AM by Austin Stewart

The Spokane County Solid Waste Department is having several upcoming events that allow for the opportunity to recycle electronics and tires! There will be 2 electronics recycling events in Fairfield and Spangle, and 3 tire collection events in Fairfield, Deer Park, and Latah.

For the tire collection events, bring your tires (no rims) to be disposed of free of charge! This will be a residential only event, so no businesses please. No tire dumping. Tires will only be accepted during this date and time, and we will not collect over-sized tires. 

For the electronics recycling events, bring in your electronics for recycling, and support a local non-profit! The Artisans will be recycling some items for free (such as batteries, cellphones, computers, printers, scrap metal, paper, and more), and some for a fee (CRT monitors/TVs, projection televisions, and data wiping). For more information, please visit Please do not bring large appliances, freezers or air conditioners, or items with Freon.

For more information about each event, visit our Solid Waste homepage, and check out our calendar:

 Recycling Events