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“Hi! I’m GG the Garbage Goat, and I like to talk about trash. On my blog you’ll find interesting bits of information regarding how Spokane County handles its solid waste, how our recycling is handled, and other interesting things about waste. If you have questions about recycling or solid waste, you can contact the Spokane County Regional Recycling Information Line at 509-477-6800, or contact us online.”

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Apr 04

Spokane County's most "Unwanted" - "Plastic Bag" Pete

Posted on April 4, 2019 at 12:08 PM by Austin Stewart

Plastic bags are flimsy and durable—perfect for carrying your groceries, but also great at tangling up the equipment that sorts our recyclables! When bags get left in your recycle bin, they damage equipment and contaminate other recyclables. Take them to your local grocery store instead, and deposit them in a designated bin. 

Unwanted Poster_Plastic Bags