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Administrative Services
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Administrative Services

Administrative Services accounts for activities of the Budget Office, and administrative costs and revenues not associated with a particular general fund department.  Administrative Services consists of the following divisions/departments:

Budget Division

The mission of the Budget Division is to provide timely and accurate financial information to the Board of County Commissioners, Elected Officials, Department Heads and the public.  It is responsible for all aspects of the budget within the County.  Position Maintenance (Position Control) is also the responsibility of this office.  Sales tax auditing is provided; working to ensure the maximum possible sales tax revenue is received by the County.   

Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance protects and enhances the facilities, systems and grounds of Spokane County.   

Information Systems 

The Information Systems Department provides Spokane County with the technical leadership and expertise to manage networks and computer systems, coordinating and providing planning, education, services, and tools in a cost effective and timely manner. 


Golf Course operations provides the best possible playing conditions and operational services to the golf playing public at all County courses at a minimum cost and consistent with the County's desire to be self supporting.  


The goal of the Purchasing Department is to support the public service mission of Spokane County through the effective procurement of goods and services in a courteous and lawful manner, which maintains the reputation of integrity, public trust, and confidence.

Risk Management  

Risk Management oversees the County self-insured liability insurance and is a member of the Washington Counties Risk Pool.  The agency accounts for the General Fund's premium to the self-insurance fund for liability coverage.  In addition, the Liability Unit of Risk Management ensures that Spokane County's properties are insured properly and claims/lawsuits are managed effectively.  Staff provides hazard mitigation, liability review, and accident investigations; claims review and adjudication; litigation management; as well as training of County employees in accident prevention and safety programs.  Risk Management provides claims support and adjudication of Worker's Compensation claims through the Worker's Compensation program.  The Occupational Health Unit provides health ad welfare services, pre-employment physicals, oversees the employee drug testing program and promotes the safety, health, and well being of all County employees.