Accidental Spill Reporting

What is an Accidental Spill or Slug Discharge?

An Accidental Spill or Slug Discharge is any discharge into the sewer system of a non-routine, episodic nature that has the reasonable potential to cause interference or pass through, or in any other way violate the publicly owned treatment work’s (POTW’s) ordinances, local limits, or permit conditions.1

Reporting an Accidental Spill or Slug Discharge

In the case of an Accidental Spill or Slug Discharge in the sewer collection system, the industrial users shall immediately telephone to notify the incident: Spokane County Sewer Maintenance (509) 477-1984, Spokane County Regional Water Reclamation Facility (509) 536-3700 or after hours (509) 979-4708.

The notification shall include the location of the discharge, date and time, type of waste, concentration and volume, and corrective actions taken by the industrial user.

The Fire Department will be the lead agency response for spills outside of the sewer collection system and will evaluate the dangers of spills and the best methods for responding to spills.  In the event of any release of toxic, hazardous materials or emergency, call 911.

1. National Pretreatment Program (40 CFR 403) Pretreatment Streamlining Rule, Fact Sheet 8.0: Slug Control Plans." EPA. Last modified June , 2007.