Technology Committee

Regular Meetings

  • The Technology Subcommittee is inactive.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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  • Justin Bingham, Co-Chair
  • Tim Fitzgerald, Co-Chair
  • Howard Delaney, Member
  • Eileen Egeland, Member
  • Misty Griffith, Member
  • Kathy Knox, Member
  • Wayne Miller, Member
  • Steve Nelson, Member
  • Lt. John Nowels, Member
  • Chris Seidel, Member
  • Mike Sloon, Member
  • Bob West, Member
  • Karen Westberg, Scribe

Subcommittee Description

The Technology Subcommittee will be involved in the review of technology systems throughout the County and City systems. The intent of the subcommittee is to minimize duplication of effort and increase networked information for improved criminal justice service delivery. The workgroup consists of members of the Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council (SRLJC), The Spokane County Information Systems Department as well as additional technical providers and community members as deemed necessary.

The subcommittee will provide guidance to the SRLJC for establishing priorities on infrastructure and technology updates and changes. The Technology subcommittee may assist with review of in-house vs. purchase off the shelf applications to address integrated IT needs.

The Technology Subcommittee will begin with a review of existing data systems by inviting representatives from City of Spokane and County criminal justice and social service agencies to present to the Subcommittee on their agency’s data systems. The Subcommittee will then map the criminal justice data systems and how data flows to those systems in order to identify gaps between systems.