Stormwater Utility

The Stormwater Utility, a section within the Public Works Department, ensures that stormwater systems are planned, developed and maintained to prevent flooding, protect water quality and preserve natural stormwater systems. The Stormwater Utility strives to provide leadership and a focus for other community efforts working toward improved stormwater management that causes as little short-term and long-term harm as possible to the environment.

Can't Find What You Are Looking for?
Contact the Stormwater Utility Section at 509-477-3600 or submit a contact form online.

If you want to report road flooding, request cleaning of storm drains, or have other "maintenance" issues to report, contact Spokane County Engineering and Roads Maintenance by calling 509-477-3600.

The Spokane Regional Stormwater Manual (PDF), a publication of Spokane County Development Services. Click on the link provided to access the "SRSM."