Subcommittees & Workgroups

Subcommittee Structure & Descriptions

The Subcommittee Structure and Descriptions (PDF) document describes the current subcommittee scope and structure. The format for meeting minutes can be viewed on the Meeting Minutes Form (PDF).

Apply to a Subcommittee

If you would like to apply to be a member of one of the subcommittees, please review the Subcommittee Structure and Descriptions document and submit a Subcommittee Application.


  1. Administrative Committee

    View minutes, meeting times, and member information for the SRLJC Administrative Committee.

  2. Bail Reform

    Find information on Bail Reform Workgroup agendas, meetings, and members.

  3. Evidence-Based Processes

    The Evidence-Based Processes Subcommittee will work to identify, inventory, and analyze the evidence-based practices currently being utilized throughout the city and county criminal justice systems in the Spokane region.

  4. Facilities Subcommittee

    The facilities subcommittee is charged with reviewing all current facility needs in order to improve the safety, management, and supervision of offenders and staff.

  5. Performance Measures

    The Performance Measures subcommittee will develop consistent and meaningful regional criminal justice performance measures that will allow for regular reporting of key data as identified by the SRLJC, and to report on other established goals and objectives.

  6. Racial Equity

    View meeting times, member information, and agendas and minutes for the Racial Equity Subcommittee.

  7. Risk / Need / Responsivity Subcommittee

    The Risk / Needs / Responsivity Subcommittee is charged with initiating a plan to review models and implement a risk / needs / responsivity system for the City and County of Spokane, in order to increase public safety and create stronger risk management of offenders.

  8. Strategic Planning

    Find information on Strategic Planning Workgroup agendas, meetings, and members.

  9. Technology

    The Technology Subcommittee is involved in the review of technology systems throughout the County and City systems, in order to minimize duplication of effort and increase networked information for improved criminal justice service delivery.