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Formation Process

The R I D Process 

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Starting a R I D

Any local resident, owner or community group may request that a R I D be formed in their area. An informal letter of support, signed by 3/4 (75%) of owners, is required to start the process. Requests are then considered on a "first come, first served basis."

Neighborhood Meeting

After a letter of support is received, R I D staff will research the request and make arrangements for an informational neighborhood meeting. Information concerning the proposed district boundary, scope of the project, estimated improvement costs, share to be contributed from the road fund, and assessment methods will be prepared to discuss with the neighborhood.

R I D costs, including design and administration, are assessed to the properties that benefit from the improvements. Properties identified within the “special benefit” area include those that front upon the road, are close to the affected road, or use the road as access. Individual property assessments are generally influenced by several factors associated with the ‘special benefit’ received. Assessments cannot be greater than the special benefits derived from the improvements. The assessment method and percentage of county participation is established by the Board of County Commissioners when the R I D is created.

If support still remains after the neighborhood meeting, then the request is moved to the formal creation stage.

Public Hearing & Election

R I D staff will forward the request to the Board of County Commissioners along with a preliminary estimated assessment roll. The Board holds a public hearing to allow all owners the opportunity to comment in support of or in opposition to the project. At least 15 days prior to the hearing, a notice of the hearing, preliminary assessment amounts, ballots, and election instructions are mailed to all affected property owners.

The Board, as a result of the public hearing, will decide if the district is feasible. If so, they will order the election of owners to proceed. Property owners have one week from the hearing to return their ballots to the Clerk of the Board. Each parcel has one vote for each full dollar of estimated road improvement assessment. The ballots are opened, counted and certified by the Clerk. Election results are determined by a simple majority of the votes cast. A favorable majority is necessary for the Board to create the R I D and order construction of the improvements.

In some cases, R I D agreements may exist for some parcels as a result of the subdivision process that created the parcel. R I D agreements generally authorize the vote for that parcel be cast as a ‘yes.’

Project Construction

Once the design work is completed, the County Engineer’s Office issues a call for construction bids and awards a contract or authorizes the work to proceed by County maintenance crews. County inspectors will oversee the construction of the entire project.

Generally, the time between the informational neighborhood meeting and the start of the construction is at least one year. Construction time may be longer depending on the individual project, time of year, and other construction commitments.

Final Costs, Assessments and Payments

Upon completion of the project, the R I D staff calculates the total project cost and prepares a final assessment roll. R I D assessments are liens against the property until paid in full.

The County Engineer's Office

County R I D staff coordinates all phases of the R I D process, acting as advisor to the community and Board of County Commissioners. Staff notifies affected property owners, handles necessary paperwork, prepares cost estimates, and oversees the design and construction of the project.

The Board of County Commissioners

The Board makes the final decisions on all R I Ds. Determinations must be made as to the boundaries, assessment methods, feasibility of the project, whether the benefits exceed the cost, and final assessment amounts. The Board has the responsibility to approve, terminate, or make minor modifications to the R I D.
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