Buckboard, Surrey, Wrangler #R156

The Buckboard, Surrey, Wrangler Road Improvement District Project #R156 is located in the West Plains area; 1 ½ miles north of Fairchild Air Force Base and ½ mile west of Dover Road. The district was formed and the project constructed in 2004. Final details were completed in 2006. Spokane County crews did the paving in conjunction with re-gravel maintenance work.

The improvements included paving 1.6 miles with bituminous surface treatment [BST or also called chip seal], paving two cul-de-sacs, paving driveway approaches, clearing ditches and installing culverts. The paved width is 24 feet plus gravel shoulders.

The R I D cost amounted to $151,632. The Spokane County road fund contributed toward the cost. The remaining $128,888 was assessed to the 40 parcels in the district. Parcels were assessed $3,906 each as their portion of the benefit received from the improvements.

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